Make your Mark! Print Workshop at Caloundra Regional Gallery.


Marie’s reaction of pure delight (above) to  one of her first prints captures the moment when you ‘get’ printmaking. It’s all about the process and waiting, working, and waiting, until finally you see the end result. And it’s worth waiting for.

To  help celebrate the Print Council of Australia’s 50th birthday,  printmakers Victoria Atkins and Judy Barrass from the Press Gang Printmakers of Wallace House, Noosa volunteered their considerable expertise to introduce others to the joys of printmaking. Held in conjunction with ‘Regional Marks’, the exhibition currently showing at University of Sunshine Coast Art Gallery, participants were invited to come along to Caloundra and make their own printmaking marks.


There was quiet and intense concentration as the first designs were scratched onto drypoint plates.  Then it was time to learn the messy intricacies of inking up.


The little portable press from Wallace House got a good workout on the day, and  participants will probably go home with sore muscles.


After a few prints we started to get creative with chine colle, with great results.6

Some great prints were produced on the day, and some budding printmakers are now thinking about access to ink and presses and more tuition.


Thanks to Victoria and Judy for donating your time, to Caloundra Regional  Gallery for the venue, and to all the wonderful participants and passers by who made the day a success.

The next PCA Birthday event is also at Caloundra Gallery. Next Wednesday evening at 6.00 pm three local printmakers, Tory Richards, Fiona Dempster and Judy Barrass will talk about their work. Please book through the gallery.prints


One thought on “Make your Mark! Print Workshop at Caloundra Regional Gallery.

  1. What amazing results – great teachers – and I just love Marie’s look of pure excitement and delight with what she has printed! The magic of the reveal…


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