Jacky and Grace

Photo: Margie Lipscombe

There are so many events and occasions centred around printmaking at the moment that it’s easy to forget that making art is (usually) a contemplative and solitary activity, and that printmaking is about more than the framed print in the exhibition. It’s about the process, the equipment, the smell of ink and the long hours working until the final reveal.

The image above shows Jacky Lowry, one of the exhibiting artists in Regional Marks, in her studio, with her press, which she calls ‘Grace’. Here is Jacky’s story:

‘I lusted for a press for years, and as I was working big at that stage, thought I would never get one.  I couldn’t justify that much family money.
Then I realised that a small bench top press actually could proof a huge plate, even if I would have to hire a large press for final printing.
So I decided I would buy a small press.
Then my mother gave me some money.
And I came into an unexpected, out of the blue, inheritance.
Together they equalled a big press.
The man who made the press wanted a name.
I felt that I had been the recipient of much grace, so the press is called Grace.’

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