Inspiration and Information- Printmakers Share

Several recent events have seen printmakers from the region generously share their expertise, techniques and inspirations with a broad audience of interested members of the public and other printmakers and artists.

Fiona Dempster at Caloundra Regional Gallery

At Caloundra Regional Gallery on June 8th  Fiona Dempster, Judy Barrass and Tory Richards each gave a 15 minute presentation about their own approach to printmaking. The evening was part of the gallery’s ‘Uncovered’ series of talks with the aim of giving access to a deeper conversation with artists. Tory gave in depth information on her processes of copper etching, Fiona introduced the history and art of letterpress, and Judy looked at new technologies, digital print and beyond. It was an informative night enjoyed by all who attended. Thank you to Caloundra Gallery for hosting the event.

Cholena Hughes talking about her Cyanotype work ‘Intimate Surround’ at University of Sunshine Coast

At the University of Sunshine Coast Gallery on Saturday June 11th twelve artists from the Regional Marks exhibition spoke briefly about their work. In a spirit of enthusiasm and comradery they shared their inspiration, insights into their practice, and their techniques. Sometimes artist talks can be stuffy affairs fluffed up with artspeak and egos, but this was plain, from the heart speaking that inspired other printmakers and filled the audience with admiration. Such generosity of spirit is what being part of the printmaking community is all about.

Tarja Ahokas talks about her acrylic print ‘Flow of Life’


Almost no one could have had their head around the range of techniques and approaches  represented in the exhibition, so there was something for everyone to learn and marvel at and none of us even noticed we’d be standing a long time before the morning was over.

John Drake with his lino prints ‘Remains of the Day’ and ‘Share, Shoe and Shears’

Thank you to all the artists who participated, and to the curator Catherine Money for ably guiding us through the exhibition and introducing each artist. It was a delightful, personal touch to a group exhibition that brought the works into perspective and turned the impersonal wall labels into human stories.

Kevin Greely was generous in explaining his collagraph techniques.
Stephanie McLennan tells the audience how she is inspired by the landscape of Ewan Maddock Dam


The audience concentrating intently as Tory Richards explains her works

Regional Marks continues at the USC Gallery until July 2nd



3 thoughts on “Inspiration and Information- Printmakers Share

  1. This has been one of the best things to come out of these events I think – the generosity of all the printmakers and their willingness to share. Printmaking is often a complex and time consuming process so learning little tips along the way helps enormously. Thank you to everybody involved – I have learned a lot.


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