Linoleum Etching Workshop, Cooroy Butter Factory, Saturday July 30th.

Those who visited Regional Marks exhibition may remember the beautiful etched lino works by Katharine Nix of Winged Dog studio in Yandina.. It is an exciting process that gives results quite unlike any other and Katharine has become a master in achieving some wonderful results with this technique over the years.

Victoria Atkins, who learnt the technique from Katharine and has been experimenting with her own versions, will be holding workshop at Cooroy Butter Factory on Saturday 30th July, 9am-3pm. The cost is $140 plus $30 for materials. Contact Victoria on 0455533070 if you are interested in attending.
Spaces are limited

The  etched linoleum technique allows intaglio mark making and tone on linoleum plates. Areas of the linoleum are etched with strong alkaline solution and the plate can then be printed as an intaglio plate. In some instances plates are made with a combination of etching and traditional mark making with knives and lino cutting tools.

Detail of a lino etching by Victoria Atkins
Detail of a lino etching by Victoria Atkins

More information about Katharine Nix and linoleum etching can be found on the Press Gang blog site.


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