Nothing But The Print – Pine Rivers


Fiona Dempster, Saffron Drew, Jo St. Baker, Judy Barrass, Tory Richards, Susan Bowers, Stephanie McLennan and Catherine Money combine their considerable talents in this small exhibition to mark the  successful  completion (almost) of a year of events to celebrate PCA’s 50th birthday. The group has been the organising force behind the Regional Marks exhibition and other printmakers events in SE Qld. throughout the year. Collaboration and cooperation has been to the fore, so this small collaborative exhibition is a great way to celebrate.

The exhibition will be up all of November in the window gallery space at Pine Rivers Regional Gallery. The gallery is open Monday to Saturday 10-4.00, but of course the window can be viewed anytime night or day, so if you’re in the vicinity stop and have a look.

From top left: Susan Bowers, Judy Barrass, Tory Richards, Judy Barrass



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