Overwintering:Mapping Sanctuary Project

Printmakers and Print Groups in Queensland might be interested in participating in this project. Thank you to Maryborough Printmakers for bringing it  to our attention.

The Overwintering Project:Mapping Sanctuary is a project about home, our unique environment and the migratory shorebirds that spend the greatest part of their year here, on the shores of Australia and New Zealand. Migratory shorebirds are the fastest declining group of birds in Australia, and this project is designed to make them and their habitat visible, which I hope will in turn help to save them from extinction.

Printmakers are invited to contribute one print created in response to the unique nature of their local environment. In pondering how their local habitat is precious to shorebirds, artists are also invited to reveal how it is precious to them. Migratory shorebirds provide the focus for the project, but artists can respond to any aspect that they perceive as rendering the area unique e.g. the geology, prey species, tidal patterns, flora, other local native fauna etc.

The prints will become part of a unique print folio that will provide an in-depth personal response to our unique coast and the sites that our migratory shorebirds depend on in order to survive. I intend to find a permanent home for the folio in a state or national collection.

Full Details of the project and information on timelines and how to participate can be found on the Overwintering Project Site.

Maryborough Printmakers are participating in the project, and have sent this information about their event in September:shorebirds





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