Inspiration and Information- Printmakers Share

Several recent events have seen printmakers from the region generously share their expertise, techniques and inspirations with a broad audience of interested members of the public and other printmakers and artists.

Fiona Dempster at Caloundra Regional Gallery

At Caloundra Regional Gallery on June 8th  Fiona Dempster, Judy Barrass and Tory Richards each gave a 15 minute presentation about their own approach to printmaking. The evening was part of the gallery’s ‘Uncovered’ series of talks with the aim of giving access to a deeper conversation with artists. Tory gave in depth information on her processes of copper etching, Fiona introduced the history and art of letterpress, and Judy looked at new technologies, digital print and beyond. It was an informative night enjoyed by all who attended. Thank you to Caloundra Gallery for hosting the event.

Cholena Hughes talking about her Cyanotype work ‘Intimate Surround’ at University of Sunshine Coast

At the University of Sunshine Coast Gallery on Saturday June 11th twelve artists from the Regional Marks exhibition spoke briefly about their work. In a spirit of enthusiasm and comradery they shared their inspiration, insights into their practice, and their techniques. Sometimes artist talks can be stuffy affairs fluffed up with artspeak and egos, but this was plain, from the heart speaking that inspired other printmakers and filled the audience with admiration. Such generosity of spirit is what being part of the printmaking community is all about.

Tarja Ahokas talks about her acrylic print ‘Flow of Life’


Almost no one could have had their head around the range of techniques and approaches  represented in the exhibition, so there was something for everyone to learn and marvel at and none of us even noticed we’d be standing a long time before the morning was over.

John Drake with his lino prints ‘Remains of the Day’ and ‘Share, Shoe and Shears’

Thank you to all the artists who participated, and to the curator Catherine Money for ably guiding us through the exhibition and introducing each artist. It was a delightful, personal touch to a group exhibition that brought the works into perspective and turned the impersonal wall labels into human stories.

Kevin Greely was generous in explaining his collagraph techniques.
Stephanie McLennan tells the audience how she is inspired by the landscape of Ewan Maddock Dam


The audience concentrating intently as Tory Richards explains her works

Regional Marks continues at the USC Gallery until July 2nd



Make your Mark! Print Workshop at Caloundra Regional Gallery.


Marie’s reaction of pure delight (above) to  one of her first prints captures the moment when you ‘get’ printmaking. It’s all about the process and waiting, working, and waiting, until finally you see the end result. And it’s worth waiting for.

To  help celebrate the Print Council of Australia’s 50th birthday,  printmakers Victoria Atkins and Judy Barrass from the Press Gang Printmakers of Wallace House, Noosa volunteered their considerable expertise to introduce others to the joys of printmaking. Held in conjunction with ‘Regional Marks’, the exhibition currently showing at University of Sunshine Coast Art Gallery, participants were invited to come along to Caloundra and make their own printmaking marks.


There was quiet and intense concentration as the first designs were scratched onto drypoint plates.  Then it was time to learn the messy intricacies of inking up.


The little portable press from Wallace House got a good workout on the day, and  participants will probably go home with sore muscles.


After a few prints we started to get creative with chine colle, with great results.6

Some great prints were produced on the day, and some budding printmakers are now thinking about access to ink and presses and more tuition.


Thanks to Victoria and Judy for donating your time, to Caloundra Regional  Gallery for the venue, and to all the wonderful participants and passers by who made the day a success.

The next PCA Birthday event is also at Caloundra Gallery. Next Wednesday evening at 6.00 pm three local printmakers, Tory Richards, Fiona Dempster and Judy Barrass will talk about their work. Please book through the gallery.prints

What is Print?

akkyvan ogtopp
Happy Birthday Print Council of Australia! President of PCA Akky Van Ogtrop holds up the very first edition of Imprint Magazine in her opening remarks at the forum at University of Sunshine Coast.

What is Print? This was the question for discussion at a forum at University of Sunshine Coast on May 21st. The forum, centrepiece of a day full of remarkable events, was one  of the programmes running in conjunction with ‘Regional Marks,’ the current printmaking exhibition in the University Gallery.

Some of the attendees at the PCA AGM enjoying a chance to converse and share a lunch before the meeting.

In a coup for the Sunshine Coast The Print Council of Australia held their Annual General Meeting at the university, allowing Queensland printmakers from both Brisbane and the regions to put faces to familiar names and gain a small insight into the workings of their peak organisation.

Russell Craig, Jan Davis, and Stephen Spurrier

Then it was time for an insightful forum exploring the question ‘What is a Print?” Panelists Russell Craig, Stephen Spurrier and Jan Davis  gave a brief introduction to their work and expounded their ideas on the question.  Discussion was lively, and at times heated, as the forum was opened for questions and general discussion from the audience. The hot topic of whether digital print should or should not be included was subsumed by Russell Craig’s broad definition and his showing of his latest work, a surfboard incorporating print and involving collaboration from various disciplines; but probably one of the most striking and remembered definitions of print was Jan Davis’ imprint of a kiss on Stephen Spurrier’s forehead.

Rissell Craig
Russell Craig – first and foremost an artist, who sees print as part of a toolbox he uses in his work
crowd at forum
Part of the audience  at the forum

After the Forum participants headed off to Caloundra Gallery for a reception and an address by new Gallery Curator, Hamish Sawyer (Welcome Hamish!).

reception with Jai Bevan
Reception at Caloundra Regional Gallery

Music for the event at Caloundra was provided by the talented Jai Bevan.

Regional Print thanks the University of the Sunshine Coast, Caloundra Gallery, the Print Council of Australia, our panelists, and all of those who helped make this a day to be remembered. Marguerite Brown’s Postcard from the Sunshine Coast on the ‘Imprint’ blog captures some of the excitement of the several days events around the opening of Regional Marks. We may never settle the question ‘What is a print?’, but we have laid the groundwork for new connections and new energy around printmaking in regional Queensland.



Focus on Prints at Caloundra Regional Gallery

Our previous post outlined Caloundra Regional Gallery’s intention to feature susanprintmaking in its foyer area. This is a great opportunity for printmakers to exhibit and sell their work.

The work of first feature artist Susan Bowers is now on display at the gallery.

The Gallery has now finalised its EOI process for printmakers to apply to be featured in the foyer. An application form can be found at

please mention that you are applying as a printmaker. The display area size is shown in the diagram below. There are also plinths and shelves available for 3D works.