PCA Print Commission Queensland Launch


University of Sunshine Coast Gallery was the venue for the Queensland launch of the Print Council of Australia’s 2016 Print Commission last night.

Each year the Print Council of Australia commissions 10 Australian artists from an open call for submissions to create an edition of prints. Two independent arts professionals judge entries and select 10 final prints to be commissioned. The selected artists produce a limited edition of between 30-40 prints in their chosen medium. Paper for each edition is supplied by the Print Commission sponsor, Canson Australia.

Commissioned artists this year are RONA GREEN, HEATHER KUNJARRA KOOWOOTHA, PIA LARSEN, KATY MUTTON, RUJUNKO PUGH, JOHN RYRIE, GWEN SCOTT, SENYE SHEN, ROCHELLE SUMMERFIELD, SOPHIE WESTERMAN. You can see images and a full description of the prints on the PCA Print Commission page. PCA members and members of the public can purchase prints from the Commission.


Last night’s Queensland launch was one of seven to be held around Australia to launch the 2016 Commission, and local print enthusiasts are delighted to be able to view the works ‘in person’. The prints will be on display in the gallery until the end of October. Also in the gallery is 20/20 an exhibition  showcasing 20 years of the USC art collection for their 20th anniversary.


Printmakers Diane Tait, Wendy McGrath and Kathleen Hunt.
Coralee Asker, Diane Tait and Rachel Newling
Queensland PCA representative Tory Richards discusses the prints with Eva Maree Seeto from University of Sunshine Coast.

Inspiration and Information- Printmakers Share

Several recent events have seen printmakers from the region generously share their expertise, techniques and inspirations with a broad audience of interested members of the public and other printmakers and artists.

Fiona Dempster at Caloundra Regional Gallery

At Caloundra Regional Gallery on June 8th  Fiona Dempster, Judy Barrass and Tory Richards each gave a 15 minute presentation about their own approach to printmaking. The evening was part of the gallery’s ‘Uncovered’ series of talks with the aim of giving access to a deeper conversation with artists. Tory gave in depth information on her processes of copper etching, Fiona introduced the history and art of letterpress, and Judy looked at new technologies, digital print and beyond. It was an informative night enjoyed by all who attended. Thank you to Caloundra Gallery for hosting the event.

Cholena Hughes talking about her Cyanotype work ‘Intimate Surround’ at University of Sunshine Coast

At the University of Sunshine Coast Gallery on Saturday June 11th twelve artists from the Regional Marks exhibition spoke briefly about their work. In a spirit of enthusiasm and comradery they shared their inspiration, insights into their practice, and their techniques. Sometimes artist talks can be stuffy affairs fluffed up with artspeak and egos, but this was plain, from the heart speaking that inspired other printmakers and filled the audience with admiration. Such generosity of spirit is what being part of the printmaking community is all about.

Tarja Ahokas talks about her acrylic print ‘Flow of Life’


Almost no one could have had their head around the range of techniques and approaches  represented in the exhibition, so there was something for everyone to learn and marvel at and none of us even noticed we’d be standing a long time before the morning was over.

John Drake with his lino prints ‘Remains of the Day’ and ‘Share, Shoe and Shears’

Thank you to all the artists who participated, and to the curator Catherine Money for ably guiding us through the exhibition and introducing each artist. It was a delightful, personal touch to a group exhibition that brought the works into perspective and turned the impersonal wall labels into human stories.

Kevin Greely was generous in explaining his collagraph techniques.
Stephanie McLennan tells the audience how she is inspired by the landscape of Ewan Maddock Dam


The audience concentrating intently as Tory Richards explains her works

Regional Marks continues at the USC Gallery until July 2nd


Fiona Dempster- Letterpress Demonstration

Lead type in a type case

Last Saturday, as one of the public programmes around ‘Regional Marks’ at University of Sunshine Coast, Maleny artist Fiona Dempster (ably assisted by fellow artist Barry Smith) treated a small crowd to a demonstration of the process of letterpress. Not for the fainthearted or mechanically challenged, letterpress printmaking requires a great deal of organisation, patience and skill, and if you are going to do public demonstrations,  a strong person to help with some of the lifting.

Letterpress is a method of relief printing originating in the 15th Century, that gradually replaced hand scribes and illuminators, and made the written word available to the masses. Variations of the original letterpress machines were used up until the mid to late 20th century when offset, and then digital printing took over.

Fiona’s short demonstration composition in the chase

Lead or wooden metal type (individual letters – see above) are assembled to compose text and locked into place on a chase. The chase is placed into the press, a machine that transfers ink from the type onto paper.

Fiona holds up a finished chase. Her small proofing press is behind. The round plate has been inked up with blue ink.
Placing the chase into the press.
Beginning the printing process. Each sheet of paper is fed into the proofing press individually.

Since letterpress has become mostly a thing of the past in the printing industry artist printmakers like Fiona are keeping the traditions alive and adding their own interpretations and creative skills to what was once a mundane occupation.

Fiona’s enthusiasm for the equipment and processes was delightful and infectious. It’s hard to fathom why we get so excited about messing around with metal and inks and heavy machines, but we do.

It was an informative and entertaining presentation that gave us deeper insights into Fiona’s letterpress works in the Regional Marks exhibition.  Thanks Fiona.

Fiona’s demonstration is part of the region’s celebrations for the Print Council of Australia’s 50th birthday and Regional Marks.


Make your Mark! Print Workshop at Caloundra Regional Gallery.


Marie’s reaction of pure delight (above) to  one of her first prints captures the moment when you ‘get’ printmaking. It’s all about the process and waiting, working, and waiting, until finally you see the end result. And it’s worth waiting for.

To  help celebrate the Print Council of Australia’s 50th birthday,  printmakers Victoria Atkins and Judy Barrass from the Press Gang Printmakers of Wallace House, Noosa volunteered their considerable expertise to introduce others to the joys of printmaking. Held in conjunction with ‘Regional Marks’, the exhibition currently showing at University of Sunshine Coast Art Gallery, participants were invited to come along to Caloundra and make their own printmaking marks.


There was quiet and intense concentration as the first designs were scratched onto drypoint plates.  Then it was time to learn the messy intricacies of inking up.


The little portable press from Wallace House got a good workout on the day, and  participants will probably go home with sore muscles.


After a few prints we started to get creative with chine colle, with great results.6

Some great prints were produced on the day, and some budding printmakers are now thinking about access to ink and presses and more tuition.


Thanks to Victoria and Judy for donating your time, to Caloundra Regional  Gallery for the venue, and to all the wonderful participants and passers by who made the day a success.

The next PCA Birthday event is also at Caloundra Gallery. Next Wednesday evening at 6.00 pm three local printmakers, Tory Richards, Fiona Dempster and Judy Barrass will talk about their work. Please book through the gallery.prints

What is Print?

akkyvan ogtopp
Happy Birthday Print Council of Australia! President of PCA Akky Van Ogtrop holds up the very first edition of Imprint Magazine in her opening remarks at the forum at University of Sunshine Coast.

What is Print? This was the question for discussion at a forum at University of Sunshine Coast on May 21st. The forum, centrepiece of a day full of remarkable events, was one  of the programmes running in conjunction with ‘Regional Marks,’ the current printmaking exhibition in the University Gallery.

Some of the attendees at the PCA AGM enjoying a chance to converse and share a lunch before the meeting.

In a coup for the Sunshine Coast The Print Council of Australia held their Annual General Meeting at the university, allowing Queensland printmakers from both Brisbane and the regions to put faces to familiar names and gain a small insight into the workings of their peak organisation.

Russell Craig, Jan Davis, and Stephen Spurrier

Then it was time for an insightful forum exploring the question ‘What is a Print?” Panelists Russell Craig, Stephen Spurrier and Jan Davis  gave a brief introduction to their work and expounded their ideas on the question.  Discussion was lively, and at times heated, as the forum was opened for questions and general discussion from the audience. The hot topic of whether digital print should or should not be included was subsumed by Russell Craig’s broad definition and his showing of his latest work, a surfboard incorporating print and involving collaboration from various disciplines; but probably one of the most striking and remembered definitions of print was Jan Davis’ imprint of a kiss on Stephen Spurrier’s forehead.

Rissell Craig
Russell Craig – first and foremost an artist, who sees print as part of a toolbox he uses in his work
crowd at forum
Part of the audience  at the forum

After the Forum participants headed off to Caloundra Gallery for a reception and an address by new Gallery Curator, Hamish Sawyer (Welcome Hamish!).

reception with Jai Bevan
Reception at Caloundra Regional Gallery

Music for the event at Caloundra was provided by the talented Jai Bevan.

Regional Print thanks the University of the Sunshine Coast, Caloundra Gallery, the Print Council of Australia, our panelists, and all of those who helped make this a day to be remembered. Marguerite Brown’s Postcard from the Sunshine Coast on the ‘Imprint’ blog captures some of the excitement of the several days events around the opening of Regional Marks. We may never settle the question ‘What is a print?’, but we have laid the groundwork for new connections and new energy around printmaking in regional Queensland.



Regional Marks Exhibition Opens

Curator of Regional Marks, Cathy Money, with John Gallagher from co-sponsor Argon Law, and exhibiting artist Tory Richards. (Photo Cheryl Nonmus from On Q Photography)

It’s been a long time in the planning, but ‘Regional Marks – Celebrating 50 Years of Print’,  our showcase event for the Print Council of Australia’s 50th birthday celebrations is finally on show at the University of the Sunshine Coast  Art Gallery.

The opening on Thursday 19 May was a gala event with a packed gallery and much excitement in the air.  In her opening remarks USC Gallery manager, Ms Lou Jaeger, said it’s a coup for the Sunshine Coast to host this milestone event for the art of printmaking in Australia.

Akky Van Ogtrop, President of the Print Council of Australia speaking at the opening (photo Cheryl Nonmus from On Q Photography)
Akky Van Ogtrop, President of the Print Council of Australia speaking at the opening (photo Cheryl Nonmus from On Q Photography)

Akky Van Ogtrop, President of the PCA gave a brief introduction to the role of the PCA and the nationwide events planned for this birthday year, then introduced the guest speaker artist Judy Watson who congratulated all the artists and the curator on the quality of the work on show.

Guest Speaker Judy Watson (photo Cheryl Nonmus from On Q Photography)
Guest Speaker Judy Watson (photo Cheryl Nonmus from On Q Photography)

The exhibition features works by established and emerging printmakers, from the Noosa, Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay Council regions including USC students. Many of the artists were present at the opening, along with their families and supporters.

Judy Watson with some of the exhibiting artists (photo Cheryl Nonmus from On Q Photography)
Judy Watson with some of the exhibiting artists (photo Cheryl Nonmus from On Q Photography)

All print forms, traditional through to digital on all printable surface mediums, including artist books and sculptural works are included in the exhibition that has been curated by Sunshine Coast artist, educator and curator Cathy Money. In coming weeks Cathy will be blogging here about some of the artists and their works in the exhibition.

A beautiful catalogue of the works on show is available at the University Gallery and Caloundra Regional Gallery for just $5.

A view of part of the exhibition (photo Cheryl Nonmus from On Q Photography)
A view of part of the exhibition (photo Cheryl Nonmus from On Q Photography)

There is also a series of supporting demonstrations and workshops conducted by printmakers as part of the public programs offered in conjunction with the exhibition.  Events still  to come include:

 ‘Make Your Mark’ a mini print workshop at Caloundra Regional Gallery on June 2nd 9.30-12.30 – $10 fee, enrol at the gallery.

Making Your Mark’, three Sunshine Coast printmakers talk about their work at Caloundra Regional Gallery, on June 8th 6-7.30 pm. No booking necessary.

Meet the Artists and letterpress demonstration on June 11th at USC Art Gallery.

Regional Marks is part of the national celebration of print scheduled throughout 2016 and is supported by The Regional Arts Development Fund – a partnership between the Queensland Government and Sunshine Coast Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland, the University of the Sunshine Coast and Argon Law.


QCA Print Department Presents Lineup for 2016

Acknowledging both the Year of the Print and the 50th anniversary of the Australian Print Council, the Queensland College of Art, in 2016 Griffith University Print Department will host the following events under the title ‘Lineup’


January 1st to 31st December – ‘People’s rag’
The People’s Rag Blog is an incentive to exhibit perspectives about printmaking.

The blog is an open-ended platform for people to forward ideas from across Australia and internationally on their experience with print making.

This year long project intends to produce traditionally printed scrolls each month for people to read snippets from. Curated and launched by Clare Cowley.

February – ‘Largesse’ Printmaking at QCA & GCCAR
Group exhibition of prints curated by Tim Mosely Wednesday 10 to Friday 26th February . POP Gallery, 27 Logan Rd, Woolloongabba, Brisbane.
Closing night Thursday 25 February.
March – ‘Women of Substance’ group exhibition featuring invited woman artists. Curated and coordinated by Jenny Sanzaro-Nishamura
White Box Gallery, QCA1st to 12th March opening March 8th 6 to 9

April – Guy Begbie , artist books/residence – date to be confirmed (mid April)
22 June to 3 July – ‘five to one’ solo exhibition of digital prints and drawings by Russell Craig. POP Gallery, 27 Logan Rd, Woolloongabba, Brisbane.
Opening 23 June.
1st to 15th August – ‘Jonathan Tse – Retrospective exhibition’ solo exhibition showcasing the prints of Jonathan Tse. Webb Gallery, QCA Brisbane.

8th to 15th August ‘out of the sky she came’ group exhibition showcasing recent lithographic prints and works on paper by Jude Roberts and Clare Cowley, Domenica Hoare, Claudia Husband. White Box Gallery, QCA Brisbane

1st to 15th August – ‘Waiting for Jonathan’
A group exhibition that invites artists to make art in response to Jonathan Tse and his valued contribution to QCA printmaking. Project Gallery, QCA Brisbane.

19th August to 5thth September – ‘Fable In Brief’ – etchings and tracings by Glen Skien’ solo exhibition showcasing recent prints and works on paper. Project Gallery, QCA Brisbane

15th August to 5th September –‘Prints by Students and Staff from the QCA print department’
An exhibition curated by Professor Ross Woodrow featuring prints and works on paper produced by the QCA staff and students. Pop Gallery , QCA, Brisbane.
15th August to 5th September – ’25 Print folios’
The 25 Print folios produced by the students and staff at the QCA print studios since 1984 will be presented in the Webb Gallery, QCA, Brisbane.

15th to 19th August – ‘50 hour print project’
Artists are invited to participate in a continuous 50 hour printing session in the QCA print studios. The prints will be exhibited in the White Box Gallery, QCA, Brisbane.

8th to 26th August– ‘American Printmaker Joseph Sheer’
International artist in residence: QCA Printmaking Department will present American Printmaker, Joseph Sheer, from Alfred University USA. Joseph will be exhibiting his own work as well as prints from students and staff from the Alfred University, USA. Exhibition dates 15th to 26th . Venue White Box Gallery QCA. He will also conduct workshops in Polymer litho plates as well as lazercut woodblock from the 8th to 12th August in the QCA Print workshops.
Proposed Graeme Peebles workshop and residency Workshop 8th and 9th Sept. Graeme working in the studio wk 11 10th to 14Sept